Ms. Shirin Batliwala

Batch of 1969
Former VP F&B
IHCL - Taj Hotels and Resorts

Excellence only begins at 100%
A leader with affection and perseverance, she always leads from the front while ensuring the wellbeing and welfare of her co-workers. The illustrious career began when she became the first woman to be recruited by Taj for the F&B department, henceforth onwards she continued to climb the success ladder as the Banquet manager, then manager of the Exclusive business club - The Chambers and eventually the F&B Manager. Moving to Kolkata in the late 80s to become the opening General Manager for the company’s flagship of the East, the exquisitely charming Taj Bengal; she was the first lady to lead a luxury hotel in India.

Having no prior experience, it was the support of her seniors in Mumbai & team that helped her learn the ropes to make Taj Bengal a name to be reckoned with, in the hospitality industry. A quote of Mr. J.R.D.Tata – “To be a leader, you must lead human beings with affection” helped her ensure that in the eight years as the GM, the staff did not want to form an internal union.

She has utmost respect and gratitude for her Alma mater, she regards it for laying the foundation of her career and preparing her for the journey ahead. From being the first batch to graduate from the current college premises to witnessing the infamous violent, mayhem and destruction around the campus due to political turmoil, a lot of bittersweet yet cherished memories were made.

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